Just the Place Inc. ®
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Just The Place (JTP), Inc.’s mission is to develop an appreciation for personal and academic development via a variety of activities. 

JTP's wish is to offer today’s youth and adults an opportunity to enhance their level of consciousness by exposing them to various forms of artistic self expression. 

We are committed to our community by satisfying their need for positive self expression through the development of a strong and unquestionable sense of dignity to all participants in our programs.


May 6-Gala tickets go on sale
May 7-Tuition Due
May 14-MindBuilders Recital at 5:30 (Repertory Only) $5
May 31-Tech Rehearsal at St. Columbanus School 6-8pm *

June 1 & 2-Technical Rehearsal at St. Columbanus School 6-8 pm *
June 4-Gala Still I Rise... **,***
June 10-Uniquely Annoited Ministry (repertory only) 7:30 pm
June 18-Juneteenth Hip Hop 1 & 2 Classes ***
June 25 & July 2-Registration for Summer Dance Intensive 12-2 pm at The Summit

*EVERYONE MUST attend all technical rehearsals.
**We ask that each student sell a minimum of 5 adult tickets. ALL tickets MUST be purchased no later than May 28th
***NO costumes will be released if you have a tuition or costume balance