Ballet (bah-LAY) is a classical dance form characterized by grace and precision of movement and by elaborate formal gestures, steps, and poses mainly in turned-out leg positions originating in the royal courts.  Classical ballet emphasizes the technique of working in turned-out position, stretching and pointing the feet, proper alignment, and strengthening the muscles of the legs and torso and a unique naming system for what direction to face, arm positions, arabesques, and some of the dance steps. Ballet class is made up of three components: barrework, centre, and traveling across the floor.

​Creative Movement

Jr./Sr. Hip Hop is a fusion of high-energy dance styles equates to this dance style that is hip-hop, which is featured in many music videos.  Groove to the beats of the latest songs as you warm-up and learn an exciting, lively dance routines.  The class will incorporate street dance styles, stretching and the body strengthening techniques, great music, and exciting hip-hop choreography.  Learn about styles and how to have confidence with freestyle dance techniques.

Jr. Dance Tech./Sr. Dance Tech.

Modern is tailored for the absolute beginner in modern dance, and is one of the prominent dance techniques used by many choreographers (such as Alvin Ailey). This technique teaches how to manipulate your body into laterals and angular turns as you start on the floor and work your way to dancing across the floor.


West African is a high-spirited, high-power rhythmic dance experience that combines body, mind, and spirit in an energetic union of the music and dance of the people of West Africa. This electrifying class loosens up the body and exposes you to a part of West African culture. This class will focus on the traditional West African dances of Senegal, Guinea, Mali and the Ivory Coast.

JTP t-shirt and dark blue or black bottoms
Appropriate Dance Shoes: ballet slippers, jazz shoes, tap shoes, dance sneakers

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Class Schedule
(effective as of December 22nd, 2018)


Creative Movement                                     8:30 - 9:15AM
Mini Ballet/Tap                                             9:15 - 10:00AM
Ballet 1/Dance Tech (Combo class)          10:00 - 11:00AM
Ballet 2                                                         11:00 - 11:45AM
Jr. Lunch                                                      11:00 - 11:45AM
Jr. Hip Hop                                                   11:45 - 12:30PM
Sr. Lunch                                                     11:45 - 12:30PM
Sr.Hip Hop                                                   12:30 - 1:15PM
Jr.Tap/Musical Theater (Combo class)      1:15 - 2:15PM
Dance Tech 2, Sr/Jr.Repertory                   2:15 - 3:30PM

Class Fees
Registration fee - $35

Monthly Plan
$45 per class/per month (payments due 1st Sat. of the month starting Oct. 1st*)........= $405 Annual

Bi-Annual Plan
$40 per class/per month (payments due 1st Sat. in Oct. & 1st. Sat. in Feb.*)…….......= $360 Annual

Annual Plan
$35 per class/per month (one payment due 1st Sat. in Oct.*)……...……………..........= $315 Annual

* Any late payments will incur a $5.00 late charge

Performance Information
  • There will be one performance for the 2017-2018 Dance Season.
  • The Performance Gala will take place in June 2018, time and location are TBA.
  • Costumes will be required for each dance class and will cost approximately $50 - $70 per class 

Class Rules & Regulations

1. All students must arrive on time for each of their classes (please allow yourself time to change). You will not be allowed to participate in class if you are more than 15 minutes late. You may observe only.

2. Class attire must be worn to each class.  

3. No gum chewing, eating or drinking of any kind in the dance area except water.

4. Eating and drinking is allowed in the lounge only.

5. Please bring your water and towel to each class.

6. Please use appropriate language at all times. Manners, friendliness, and courtesy are contagious - please spread it!!!

7. Always clean up after yourself

8. Non-participants are not allowed to wait in the dance area; they are 
  allowed to wait outside the dance studio only. 
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